The Magic Of Optical Illusions: This Grid “Repairs” Automatically Looking At It

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It is thanks to the optical illusions that we can understand – in part – the functioning of our brain. Scientists, in fact, create ad hoc images to try to exert our neurons at the “maximum,” so as to understand in turn the complex machinations behind certain neural behaviors.

Many of these illusions are created precisely by neuroscientists and psychologists who, besides studying the reaction of people to the visions of certain images, try to understand above all why they happen. Today we want to introduce you to the “Healing Grid Optical Illusion” (which we could translate into “The optical illusion of the grid that repairs”).

You can see (as always at the bottom of the news) a simple grid that at the edges has all the broken lines. By fixing the centre of the rectangle for 15-30 seconds, however, magically the grid lines start to repair themselves and, in the end, always keeping our eyes on the center of the image, we will observe that at the edges there are no more broken lines.

Ryota Kanai of Utrecht University in the Netherlands created the illusion when she participated in the “Best Illusion of the Year Contest” competition in 2005. According to Kanai, the edges begin to “self-repair” during peripheral vision because the brain prefers “to see regular patterns” and not distorted.

Interested in other illusions? Take an eye on the dog’s illusion and illusion that causes you to see a circle that does not exist.

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