The Mediterranean Diet Is The Secret To Long Life: The Study Of Over 65 Confirms

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Following a specific diet is crucial to being well. In our specific case, as Italians, we are lucky because we have the Mediterranean diet: it can not only help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, but it is also apparently related to a low risk of mortality in adults.

This discovery is based on a study coordinated between several research centres, which analysed in detail the results of the INCHIANTI project, carried out in the Tuscany region: in it, carried out for 20 years, 642 participants over 65 years of age (of which 56%

As we went down in detail, essential information was about vitamin B12, fatty acids, selenium, plasma carotenoids and more. Using a predictive model, scientists have therefore evaluated the associations of the Mediterranean diet index with mortality. The objective, as explained by Professor Cristina Andrés-Lacueva of the University of Barcelona, was to develop an index of dietary biomarkers based on groups of foods that are part of the Mediterranean diet and evaluate their association with the

In the twenty years of monitoring 425 deaths occurred, 139 of which were cardiovascular diseases and 89 were cancers, and these have ultimately led to a reverse relationship between the Mediterranean diet and the causes of death. In other words, it has been confirmed that adherence to the Mediterranean diet has important long-term benefits in the elderly. In addition, there has been confirmation of the usefulness of monitoring food biomarkers, key to studying the health benefits associated with the various diets.

Speaking of food and health, a diet made up of fruit alone is not good.

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