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America’s deepest blue cities are telling the progressives that if they don’t include reducing crime and public order in their definition of criminal justice reform, they’ll be out.

After the economy and inflation, crime vaulted to the top of voters’ concerns. According to Gallup, 80 percent of Americans worry about crime, the highest level in two decades.

On top of public angst over soaring prices and President Biden’s dismal public approval ratings, these fears pose another hurdle for Democrats. According to a recent poll, voters give Republicans a 12-point advantage when it comes to deciding which party to support.

The public’s opinion of the police killings of George Floyd, Breanna Taylor and other Black citizens has changed dramatically. The national spotlight on police brutality and systemic racism was put on by that.

The country’s major urban centers have seen a rise in murders and thefts during the Pandemic. The appearance of large homeless camps is a result of overdose deaths, violence and anti-social behavior by people cute things to do with your boyfriend with psychosis.

Black mayors like New York’s Eric Adams and San Francisco’s London Breed are against the left’s ideas for criminal justice reform. The system needs an update, but calls for defunding the police or ignoring quality of life crimes defy common sense.

Voters in San Francisco gave the boot to the district attorney in a recall election. The new breed of prosecutors seem to be more committed to keeping offenders out of jail than to protecting law-abiding citizens.

In Los Angeles, billionaire businessman Rick Caruso, who was campaigning on hiring more cops and shutting down homeless camps, went into a run-off election against a Democratic congressman. George Gascon is the left-leaning district attorney in Los Angeles Country.

The son of a Weather Underground radical came to office promising to reduce incarceration. His critics objected to his reluctance to charge people with heinous crimes, to add gun charges to gang members who use them in committing other crimes, and to charge juvenile as adults.

Mayor Breed was a Black woman who grew up in a squalid city public housing project. She declared a state of emergency in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, which has been ravaged by the deadly fentanyl epidemic, a rash of street thefts and store loot, as well as unsafe and unsanitary homeless camps.

She said it was time for the criminals to come to an end. It comes to an end when we take steps to be more aggressive.

Breed spoke for families and merchants in Black, Hispanic and Asian working-class neighborhoods who are fed up with shootings, loot and chaos in their streets while playing to a gallery of college-educated white progressives. Growing numbers of white liberals fear that progressive shibboleths about crime and racial identity are making San Francisco unlivable because of the recall of three leftwing members of the school board.

Black mayors like Breed, Adams, and Lightfoot are leading the charge to suppress crime and find more humane solutions to homelessness than simply dumping mentally unstable people on the streets.

The Republicans have no use for these Democrats. They don’t tolerate police brutality, racial profiling, or harsh sentencing guidelines, as well as easy and unlimited access to firearms. They would like to spend more on a better model of policing and make social investments to help the poor.

They know their people don’t want to be confronted with a false choice between safety and justice. Black and Hispanic Democrats favor more spending on local police.

Democrats should listen to rank-and-file voices in their party and offer voters this fall a radical pragmatic approach to criminal justice reform that “refunds the police” but shifts from reactive and overly militarized to community policing to overcome their trust deficit on crime. Making cops visible in high-crime neighborhoods requires moving cops out of their cars. Police unions block efforts to hold officers accountable for wrongdoing.

New approaches to homelessness should be embraced by the Democrats. In California, the governor wants to create Care Courts for people with severe psychosis. Courts could order them into 12 months of supervised treatment and housing if they refused to do so.

Democrats need to protect America’s most vulnerable citizens from violence and disorder first because there is no social justice without public safety.

The founder of thePPI is Will Marshall.

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