The Nft Mania Infects Ozzy Osbourne: Here Is The Cryptobatz Collection!

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NFT fashion has won many VIPs all over the world: within less than a week, for example, former first lady Melania Trump has created an NFT platform based on Solana, while in Italy Francesco

Today, however, it is the former frontman of Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne, now becoming star and conductor of American reality shows, who announces that he will launch a collection of NFT soon named Cryptobatz To make it even more surreal, the former singer declared that the name Cryptobatz is a quote at the concert where he bit the head of a bat, which took place back in 1982.

The collection was created by Osbourne himself and includes 9,666 unique Tokens: the subject, of course, will be bats, even if the singer has not yet released any image of what we can expect from his NFTs.

The project is made more interesting by the ability of each NFT to “bite” another one, hybridizing with it and giving rise to an NFT-son. In short, if you decide to buy two NFTs and hold them on the same digital portfolio, they should generate a “son,” that is another NFT, born from the bite of the first token per second. In short, a macabre crypto quote at the famous 1982 concert.

The computer component of the project was carried out by Osbourne in collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, who recently was the victim of plagiarism by Phunky Ape, but also along with CryptoToadz and Sup A fourth NFT creator participated in the project, but Osbourne has not yet announced his name.

There is also a Discord channel in Cryptobatz, where 2,500 bats will be sold in advance compared to the main collection. The Osbourne NFT series will be launched in January 2022.

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