The Oldest Family Tree In The World Has Been Rebuilt: It Dates Back To The Stone Age

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A new study examined the oldest family tree in the world dating back to the Stone Age. Researchers, by analyzing DNA from the bones and teeth of 35 individuals buried in a grave in Britain, discovered that 27 of them were close relatives and came from five generations of one family.

The group buried inside the tomb lived around 3700-3600 B.C., about 5,700 years ago. The results of the study published in Nature show us new fascinating insights into the kinship and burial practices during the Neolithic period, the famous historical period called “Stone Age” – where we still discover ancient metropolis dating back to the present day.

“The great degree of preservation of DNA in the grave and the use of the latest technologies in the recovery and analysis of ancient DNA have allowed us to discover the oldest genealogical tree ever reconstructed and analyze it to understand the social structure of these ancient groups,” he said.

Men were generally buried with their father and brothers, suggesting that their offspring were patriotic; adult women were missing the appeal, most likely because their remains were placed in the tombs of their partners with whom they had children. Inside the Hazleton North tomb, people were buried inside two “L”-shaped rooms (as you can see in an image at the bottom of the news).

“This study reflects what I think is the future of ancient DNA: one where archaeologists are able to apply ancient DNA analysis to a resolution high enough to address questions that really matter to archaeologists,” David said.

By the way, this is the oldest European map found so far.

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