The Price Of Chicken Created In The Laboratory Significantly Reduced, That’s What It Costs Now

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The meat cultivated in the laboratory is the future, and there are many efforts that are being made day after day: from the opening of the largest factory in the world, to the creation of fish and seafood grown in the laboratory. Six months ago, for example, half a kilo of chicken cost about 16 euros, but significant progress has been made.

Future Meat Technologies announced that it had managed to significantly reduce the cost of its chicken breast: and now half a kilo costs about 7 euros (about 1.50 euros per 100 grams). The price, in short, has been more than halved. “We are incredibly excited about the massive support of our global network of strategic and financial investors,” said Professor Yaakov Nahmias, founder and president of Future Meat.

This is certainly the beginning of a great innovation. In the past, in fact, the farm has claimed to have the ability to generate 500 kilograms of meat cultivated every day and that its production cycle is at least 20 times faster than traditional methods. In addition, the meat created in the laboratory promises to be environmentally friendly (with a substantial reduction of CO2, water and space) and cruelty-free towards animals.

Recently the company has also received 347 million financing, which means that it will continue to invest in the project. “This funding consolidates the position of Future Meat. Our unique technology has reduced production costs faster than anyone thought possible, opening the way to a massive expansion of operations,” Nahmias said.

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