The Protests In Kazakhstan Hit Bitcoin Hard: Because They Are Connected

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After the black Epiphany of the cryptocurrencies, with the Bitcoin falling below 43 thousand Dollars, the collapse of the main virtual currency of the market continued also in the night and is closely linked to the protests in Kazakhstan.

For those who do not know, Kazakhstan is the second most important country in terms of mining Bitcoin. This would already be enough to justify some of the decline in the market, but to this have been added the problems of access to the internet that have hit the second most important mining hub in the world, which has had to face a real shutdown.

The growth of mining farms in Kazakhstan took place in conjunction with the ban of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by China last September 2021. Many of the miners in fact, following the announcement of local authorities have sought refuge in neighbouring Kazakhstan; they would never have imagined an escalation of protests like those of the last days, which also affected mining farms and therefore had an important (and negative) impact on the whole

At the moment we are writing, the Bitcoin is traded to 41,523 Dollars, 3.75% less than 24 hours ago, while Ethereum slides even 8.19% to 3,176.73 Dollars, with Solan

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