The Rocket “Blocked” In Orbit Of Russia Eventually Crashed On Earth

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We have already told you about the Russian rocket Angara A5 stuck in orbit. Well, the risk that the experts were afraid of proved true and eventually the rocket crashed on Earth; it returned to our planet on January 5 and hit the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean.

The cargo and rocket launched had been blocked since December 27. Why? Simply a failure to the engine did not allow the system to activate the engines to exceed the low Earth orbit. At takeoff, Angara A5 here on Earth weighed about 21.5 tons, but most of the weight was a propellant.

Fuel was most likely discharged during the stay of the stadium in orbit, so the piece that fell back on Earth was about 3.5 tons heavy. According to astronomer Jonathan McDowell, who is based at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, and who analyzes publicly available tracking data, most of the rocket’s body is almost certainly burned

“Any damage caused by the surviving debris will be minor (it could dent a person’s roof, but it won’t wipe mankind away),” writes the expert via Twitter on Tuesday, January 4. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, remember the Chinese rocket Long March 5B? Problems like this are becoming “common” and it seems like it’s time to do something to prevent these accidents… or just create regulations that are suitable for taking responsibility.

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