The Semeru Volcano Erupted In Indonesia, Here Is The Scary Video Of The Event

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In the last hours the Semeru volcano in Indonesia has shown its power, creating a plume of volcanic ash from the height of about 12,192 meters. The images of the event – which you can see above – are terrifying and show us a look at what happened during the first moments of the giant volcanic explosion.

The plume of ash covered the Sun and many parts of the region. Unfortunately, at the time we write, there were 14 victims, and the competent authorities set up temporary shelters for all displaced persons. Not only ashes, from the volcano was also erupted lava that came even on a bridge that connects the city of Lumajang with the nearby city of Malang.

In Indonesia there are 130 active volcanoes and Semeru had already burst early this year in January 2021. Hundreds of homes have been completely destroyed and 33 schools have been damaged by the eruption, according to the National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB). The volcano’s situation is also dangerous due to the risk of pyroclastic flows, a mix of ash, rock and volcanic gases – responsible for more than 50% of the victims of the eruptions – which can reach a temperature of 1,000 °C.

The event began on Saturday, December 4 and the authorities have currently converted schools, mosques, town halls and village houses into evacuation centers. A similar event – but much less fatal – took place in La Palma in the Canary Islands, here lava has swallowed many facilities and created many displaced people. Meanwhile in 2012 we missed the largest sea eruption ever.

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