The Sexual Activity Of Astronauts Will Be Essential For Interplanetary Travel: Why?

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To date, space travel has been limited to relatively short distances and timing, contemplating the lunar orbit (with relative allounage). What could be the psychological impact on astronauts, prolonging the duration of such travels? Regarding this possibility, consideration should be given to the possibility of healthy sexual activity.

The imminent goal of global space programmes is now largely cleared: to colonize the red planet. In this regard agencies such as NASA and SpaceX are working not only on technologies that will allow astronauts to reach Mars (of which they have been estimated to reach) but also on a whole series of psychological issues, which could emerge from

One of the needs to be evaluated, in relation to the psychophysical well-being of the cosmonauts, is that of sexuality and not only with reproductive purposes. As a species close to interplanetary travel, the human being will have to build not only more powerful and faster ships, but to constitute real temporary (or perennial) communities, in which individuals, in addition to the operation of the instrumentation, will have to look after the psychophysical

A concrete and feasible step is to stop considering astronauts as automatons, dedicated to a technical and aseptic task, making them again human beings with needs and needs to be met. To this end, it is necessary to introduce a new branch of psychology, spatial sexology.

Fundamental to this new approach is to understand that once they travel and arrive on unknown planets, individuals will have to form stable and flourishing communities. In this scenario, the psychological health of the individual and the prosperity of social interactions will be decisive.

The mental health of astronauts is a key point for the performance and success of missions. Forms of eroticism and the satisfaction of sexual and emotional needs could make space travel and permanence on other worlds much more pleasant, so as not to affect the well-being of the individual’s psyche.

Sexuality is a topic that space agencies have not yet decided to consider and address effectively but, with the advent of interplanetary expeditions, it will be necessary to carry out an overcoming of taboos and prejudices concerning sexual matter and pull of feelings and drives

The approach that is desired will allow the cosmonauts of the future to travel for long periods in deep space, without suffering psychological repercussions. The latter would not only be harmful to individuals and potential grass communities, which will be generated by them, but would risk compromising the missions themselves and the scientific progress of space.

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