The Single Largest Reproductive Colony Has Been Found In Antarctica Until Today.

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Sixty million Channichthyidae nests, commonly called “ice fish.” This is the number that puzzled scientists while they were aboard an icebreaker in Antarctica. It is the largest colony of fish reproduction known.

Among the many missions, one of them had to monitor the seabed of the Weddell Sea. While he was analyzing the footage conducted by Ocean Floor Observation and Bathymtery System (OFOBS) – a one ton camera towed behind the ship -, the graduate student Lilian Böh

We’re talking about fish nests that filled the bottom of the sea every 25 centimeters in all directions and covered an area of 240 square kilometers. “The camera was moving at the bottom of the sea and they were everywhere,” Böhringer told LiveScience. The nests belonged to the Ice Fish Neopagetopsis ionah, originating from the cold southern oceans (do you know that some fish can regenerate their eyes?).

These are the only vertebrates known not to have a full hemoglobin in the blood and for this reason ice fish are considered “white blood”. These fish tend to nest in group, but at most about 40 nests have been seen. This nesting site, after a thorough investigation, has about 60 million nests.

In addition to live fish on the watch of the nests, the area was also littered with fish carcasses, suggesting that this massive colony is an integral part of the local ecosystem and offer nourishment to the seals (by the way, this seal could also mimic the

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