The Steel Of The Apocalypse Could Break Within Three Years, That’s What’s Gonna Happen.

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One of the largest Antarctic glaciers, called “Revelation Glacier,” reports a new study that will undergo major changes over the next 10 years that will accelerate its break. This break, the experts say, will raise the global sea level to 25%. This is one of the reasons behind the apocalyptic name.

Currently, the glacier is located in the Western Antarctic and is already dumping 50 billion tons of ice per year. “Thwaites – the other name of the ice – is the largest glacier in the world,” says researcher Ted Scambos. “He has doubled his flow rate over the last 30 years and in its entirety retains enough water to raise the sea level by over half a meter.”

Not only that: it could lead to an even higher increase in sea level, up to 3 meters. Under the platform, the warmest oceanic water is reaching the glacier from all angles, thinning and weakening the gargantuous ice from below. Currently there are massive fractures in place that will expand even more.

Continuing this way, the glacier will last only for another five years, contributing to the rise of sea level up to 25% (for now it contributes only to 4%). “This ice platform behaves like a dam, but it won’t be for long,” says Erin Pettit, professor of Oregon State University at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU). “The collapse of this ice platform will lead to a direct rise in sea level fairly quickly.”

This is not new, as Antarctica is one of the most affected regions of the planet by global warming, and the temperature has reached new records this year.

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