The Thousand Lives Of Stonex One: Appears At The Carrefour In Uae And There Are Other Names

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Following Francesco Facchinetti’s statements about the Stonex One project, dating back to 2020, we thought we would never be back on the subject. However, the “Italian smartphone” appeared again in UAE.

In fact, the ONE Dante device is on sale on the official Carrefour UAE portal. Yes, it is the Stonex, with a lot of “Break the Rules” and hashtags on the back. At the time we write, among other things, there was only one unit, proposed at 300 AED (about 71 euros at the current exchange rate).

In any case, the device seems to have “thousand lives.” So far we had remained in the middle name SANTIN #Dante (there are also other names, for example #Marconi, as will surely remember those who followed the launch of Stonex One at the time), but we found that on AliExpress the smart In addition, there are ads related to Generic Dante on Amazon Italy. Of course, the passing of the years has ended almost all the supply and Stonex One has made its time. However, it was interesting to note that still today some device units are on sale around the world.

For the rest, one last thing you might be interested in: some Stonex Cam units are back available on Amazon Italia via resellers. Yes, you understand.

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