The Trick To Create Fake Memories In People’s Minds? The Surprise Effect

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Memory often plays tricks, we all know that. There are more traumatic events that remain impressed, complicit in the stress of the moment, and there are more normal situations or activities that we remember vividly, but mistakenly. What can be the reason for that false memory? An important factor is a possible surprise effect.

According to a recent study conducted by experts from the University of Toronto, led by researcher Alyssa H. Sinclair, human memory would undergo sudden changes at the moment of replicating memory: ♪When you Adding the surprise effect the brain releases neurotransmitters that will make the memory of a much stronger event, but potentially also wrong.

The test that they needed to get to this thesis involved two dozen people, who were shown 70 short videos all different from them, but belonging to various common themes: there were sports videos, videos related to daily activity and more. After a normal vision cycle, the next day half of the footage was suddenly interrupted at the key moment of the narrative.

Finally, on the third day, the study participants were interviewed asking to remember as many videos as possible and in detail. Some of them have been able to faithfully remember the original clips, while most have modified the memories right near the interruption and, therefore, the surprise effect. This would be due to a ‘change of role’ of the hippocampus: to the viewing of normal videos, it deals with the strengthening of memories, while the viewing of interrupted videos activates a state of change of memories interrupting the stability of

It is interesting to note, however, how reconstruction takes place by collecting details from other films belonging to the same macro area: for example, a clip about a basketball player could be mixed up in a golf game, given their common belonging to the area of the

Another important answer that has come in recent months is the reason that music evokes memories.

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