The Webb Telescope Marks Another Important Milestone: All Mirrors Are Unfolded

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Good news continues to come from the James Webb Space Telescope mission: all sections of the primary and secondary mirrors of the Telescope are fully deployed, and now it’s just a matter of calibrating them with great precision.

After almost a whole month in space, the James Webb Space Telescope, also known as JWST, has almost completed the secondary preparation and “explanation” operations. The complicated series of steps to open the instrument, and to make it literally bloom, required all the skill of NASA scientists and engineers, CSA and ESA who are managing the mission. If you want to know about the mission, on Everyeye’s YouTube channel you can find the video of further information on the Webb telescope.

The news of this new, important milestone was the director of the US space agency Bill Nelson, who yesterday expressed all his joy through the tweet you find at the bottom of the news, of which we bring you a translated version: ” Congratulations to the teams who have worked tirelessly since the launch to get to this point. Soon Webb will arrive in his new home, [n.d.r., Lagrange’s point] L2!”

Now, as already mentioned in the opening, all systems and mirrors need to be calibrated so that we can start with the actual scientific operations. The bad news – if we can define it this way – is that calibration will take a long time, and before summer we will not see images of the JWST (it is hoped that at the end of spring NASA will share the calibration screens of the single 18 sections of the

Despite the great delays accumulated during development and design (requiring over 20 years of work), the JWST is paying us back with great satisfaction, even being slightly ahead of schedule.

We will continue to update you on our pages, but in the meantime we leave you with this curiosity: why are all sections of the JWST hexagonal?

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