There’s An Unexpected Advantage In The Christmas Launch Of The James Webb Telescope, Here’s What

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While many celebrated Christmas on December 25, some (including us) celebrated the launch of the space telescope James Webb. A tool that is destined to revolutionize what we know about the Universe. Now, according to a new report, the telescope mission will last for more than 10 years… and we have two factors to thank.

We are talking about the precision of the launch of Ariane 5 on December 25, which according to experts has exceeded the necessary requirements, and the incredible accuracy of the trajectory of James Webb Space Telescope. The first two correction manoeuvres in mid-launch also consumed much less fuel than expected.

The first course correction, lasting 65 minutes, took place about 12.5 hours after the launch and, in addition to adding more precision, added to the observatory a speed of as much as 20 meters per second. The second, however, took place on December 27 added about 2.8 meters per second sec to the overall speed.

“The largest and most important half-route correction, designated MCC-1a, has already been successfully performed as planned, starting 12.5 hours after launch,” writes Randy Kimble of JWST Integration, Test, and Commissioning Project Scienti.

I mean, we can’t wait for the instrument to be 100% operational. Meanwhile, James Webb has completed a fundamental step recently.

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