These Ground Structures Show The Engineering Skills Of Native Americans

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Poverty Point is an archaeological site located in north-east Louisiana, United States, which shows us the testimony of one of the first Native American community from 1700 B.C. In a new study published in Southeastern Archaeology, it has been shown that these inhabitants were highly qualified engineers.

Today, the archaeological site is a World Heritage Site. In the area stands a mound more than 20 meters above the ground and, for its creation, millions of cubic metres of land have been moved and stacked. “One of the most remarkable things is that this work has been held together for more than 3000 years without any major interruptions or erosions,” says the archaeologist and first author of Tristram Kidder’s studio at Washington University in St. Louis, Mi

“They were really amazing engineers with very sophisticated technical knowledge,” the expert continues. What’s more absurd is that these tumulus were erected quickly. How do we know that? There is hardly any sign of atmospheric agents between the levels of the tumulus, which means that they have not been left exposed to the elements for a significant period of time.

The amazing thing is that the mound has stood despite millennia of rain. “Similar to Roman cement, Native Americans have discovered sophisticated ways of mixing different types of materials to make them practically indestructible, even though they were not compacted,” Kidder says. “There is magic there that our modern engineers have not yet been able to understand.”

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