They Had Planned Our Whole Future, 30 Years Ago, At&T Commercials.

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Let us be clear: in the sea of possibilities, it is not so rare to catch something right between the forecasts made in the 2000s, yet sometimes we remain the same lightning. Among the many, it is the case of the magazine of 1997 and the forecasts on the 21st century, but not only.

As you can see in the opening video, initially reported by Repubblica, every single forecast made by AT&T for our times has come true roughly, from the toll motorway without stopping at video calls, passing through tablets where to take notes.

The level of precision is frighteningly accurate, if we think that almost 30 years have passed since these incredible commercials. Those made by AT&T in 1993 are probably among the most resounding predictions of all. Moreover, for those who lived those years and grew up on bread, science fiction and dystopia, these kind of forecasts were definitely more futuristic than those that told the cinema.

To better contextualize this historical memorabilia, just think that it was the years of Windows 3.1. In April of the same year, CERN announced the World Wide Web for free for everyone and Intel launched its first Pentium with x86 architecture. In that year, Jurassic Park was banging at the box office and entering our houses masterpieces like Myst and Doom.

Always talking about our times, another production that after all has been right was Zemeckis’ trilogy, Return to the Future. Did you know that Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd were recently spotted together again?

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