This Colossal Construction Is The Black Box Of The Earth: Will It Record The End Of The World?

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The black box is a device whose objective is to record information. It is often associated with cars or scheduled aircraft, especially when it becomes necessary to find out the causes of accidents involving them. But did you know that very soon, Earth will also have its black box to record the end of the world?

The clock of the apocalypse is a metaphorical representation to define the proximity to the advent of the global catastrophe. Born to show the practical danger of nuclear weapons, during the Cold War period, today it evaluates a series of different threats, but equally disastrous, induced primarily by environmental problems. Currently the clock of the apocalypse marks 100 seconds from the end of the world, and the ticking of its hands resounds and echoes in an increasingly deafening and fast way.

But if our civilization ends what will we leave to posterity (terrestrials or extras)?

The Earth’s black box project has been the solution to this question. In an unknown location on the island-state of Tasmania, in fact, a structure has been erected that will record the end of the world.

It is a colossal steel structure, equipped with solar-powered hard disks. The task of these hardware will be to preserve scientific data and analysis related to global climate change. At the advent of the apocalypse, these data, thanks to the indestructibility of the structure, can be found and analyzed by the human society (and not) of the future, which can understand the dynamics that have led us to the end.

“Unless we drastically transform our way of life, climate change and other human-induced dangers will cause the collapse of our civilization,” says the official website of the project and continues “Earth’s Black Box will record every step we take towards this catastrophe Hundreds of data sets, measurements and interactions related to the health of our planet will be continuously collected and stored safely for future generations.”

A conceptually similar example is found in the safe on the Svalbard Islands of the day of judgment, a structure created to preserve and safeguard a wide variety of cultures fundamental to humans over time. The differences with the black box design, however, are quite evident. The semi-bank tries to ensure the future of the human race in the event of disaster, while the colossal black box will be there imperishable to record the decline or success of the human species inert. But not only that.

According to Jim Curtis, director of the advertising agency Clemenger BBDO, it could act as a stimulus to action “The idea is that if the Earth crashes due to climate change, this indestructible recording device will be there for anyone who remains

The black box project, although already partially active, will see its inauguration in early 2022, thanks to the collaboration between Clemenger BBDO, the creative agency The Glue Society, and the research team of the University of Tasmania.

The main focus of the project is to encourage public opinion and global societies to take rapid action to counter the apocalyptic scenarios that await us in the future. We live in a martyred world, due to the dissolution of polar caps, greenhouse gas emissions levels and the extinction of such a large number of species that some scientists can lead us to define ourselves on the edge of the sixth mass extinction.

The human being must act as soon as possible, for the black box of the Earth will provide our posterity with the account of this we have made to hang the needle of the apocalypse towards decline or salvation. How do we want to appear to them?

Below we propose a photo of the huge structure, produced, together with the cover image, by the project Earth Plus Black Box.

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