This Eight-Metre-Long Dinosaur Had No Feathers, But Scales Like Lizards

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In 1984, Argentine paleontologist José Bonaparte found fossils of a dinosaur who decided to call Carnotaurus, literally “carnivorous torus.” The reason for this name was simple: because of its skull with the big horns that remembered those of a bull.

The skeleton found, which comes from the province of Chubut in Patagonia, has been preserved from its discovery along with leaves of its scaly skin. Carnotaurus was the first carnivorous dinosaur discovered with skin at the time; the latter, although observed by several experts, is never studied in detail.

Thus the paleontologist Christophe Hendrickx of Unidad Ejecutora Lillo decided to remedy: “By observing the regions of the shoulders, the belly and the tail, we discovered that the skin of this dinosaur was more

Hendrickx conducted the Carnotaurus study together with Dr. Phil Bell, a dinosaur skin expert from the University of New England in Australia, who found many similarities with the skin of the “spiny devil” (a Unlike the latest discoveries on feathered dinosaurs, the 8-metre-long Carnotaurus was entirely scaly, without any traces of feathers.

The purpose of scales? Experts say that they were used for regulating body temperature, such as modern reptiles. Meanwhile, within this news you will be able to admire a spectacular reconstruction of the creature created by Jake Baardse.

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