This Is Andromeda Os, Successor To Windows Phone Never Released On The Market

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In 2020 we saw the launch of the dual screen Surface Duo in the United States, which was not successful at all. It was an experiment that aimed to compete with folders, opting for the double screen solution, but which theoretically should have led to the debut of the successor of Windows Phone.

Well, yes, Redmond’s company apparently was about to return to its steps and launch what was to be the heir to the bold Windows Phone that made school, called Andromeda OS. To get a pre-release version dated mid-2018 to try it on a Lumia 950 were the colleagues of Windows Central, who took their adventure back in a dedicated video.

In it you can clearly see Andromeda OS allo opera: despite it is a project cancelled it still has the connotations of a product almost finished, although imperfect. There are no missing bugs and details in the user interface, but you can understand the features and key features in broad lines.

First of all, Andromeda OS looks like a two-screen smartphone operating system, just like Surface Duo or other foldables now available on the market: several frames show, in fact, that the interface should split in half

Interestingly, therefore, the Start menu and the use of Cortana focused on gestures rather than on the use with compatible pen: once you have logged in to the Settings you can go back to Start with a swipe from left to right, or With a swipe down, however, you access the classic section of quick settings that Android users also know well.

The use of Lumia 950 for internal tests does not show these characteristics to the best, it must be admitted; therefore, in the video you will notice the clear problems of the build obtained from Windows Central. However, there is still an extremely interesting test of an innovative operating system, a project that was subsequently deleted from Microsoft.

The eyes are all now on Windows 11, instead, which seems to be about to revolutionize the Task Manager.

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