This Is The Biggest Steak In The World.

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Just recently the Israeli meat society cultivated in the MeaTech 3D laboratory has made it known to the world that it has created the steak grown in the largest laboratory in the world. Nothing exceptional, be it clear, but surely a real milestone for this still emerging technology.

The steak, composed of layers of fat and muscle cells grown in the laboratory, in fact, is around 100 grams. Despite the small and quite “normal” weight, this is the “largest cultivated steak produced to date,” according to what the company has affirmed. This is also “an important milestone towards the objective of producing bio-printed steaks on a scale”.

Technology is still in its early stages, but this result is definitely a great achievement. The use of these methods for the creation of meat could reduce (and much more) our dependence on livestock, on the slaughter of animals and reduce the carbon footprint of the food we eat (even a small change in Fast Food foods could make a difference).

For its part, MeaTech 3D says that it will be able to launch its products that use animal fat grown next year (although we do not know the launch price at the moment). One thing, however, is certain: there are many farms moving in this direction, and in Israel the largest meat factory cultivated in the laboratory was born.

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