This Optical And Auditory Illusion Leads To A Circle That Does Not Exist

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Today we show you an optical and auditory illusion very studied and known. All you have to do is watch the video – which you will find above – with the active audio. How many times do you see the black disk flashing? There’s only one black disc that flashes, but because of the double “bip” we see it appear twice.

If you put the video without audio, in fact, you will notice that the black circle will appear only once. This is called “sound-induced flash illusion” and was discovered and studied in 2000 by Ladan Shams, a psychologist at the University of California in Los Angeles.

As you can see in the video, although there are the same number of flash points on the screen when one and two acoustic signals are emitted, when there are two acoustic signals, people often report having found two flashes.

What’s going on, then, inside our brains? As we told you after showing you the illusion of “The Skipping Pylon,” what is known as “cross-modal effect,” that is, when different senses are “activated” to the vision of something, such as sight and vision, is not a matter of the

In this case, since the double “bip” is followed simultaneously by a flash, our brain believes that the two events are connected and shows us an extra circle. Sure of course something very fascinating, which shows us how our grey matter reacts to these events “at the limit.”

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