This Rembrandt Artwork Is Now A 5.6 Tb Photo: The Details Are Incredible

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The evolution of the imaging concerns not only the smartphone world – see the case of the new MariSilicon X NPU revealed by OPPO – but also the world of art. The case of the Rijksmuseum’s Operation Night Watch is exemplary and has given life to the single largest and most complete photograph of a work of art, weighing 5.6 Terabytes.

This incredible milestone saw some of the museum staff in Amsterdam take several high-resolution photographs of Rembrandt’s night-wave painting, made on canvas in 1642 and with dimensions of 363 × 437 cm, with a

To be exact, we speak of 717 Gigapixels (i.e. 717,000,000,000 pixels, spaced by 5 micrometers each from the other and the dimensions of a red cell) that allow you to see in the smallest details the decorations

To see this magnificent work of art, simply go to the dedicated page and zoom where you want, going down to details impossible to see going in person before the work. This is the perfect way not only to allow an extremely detailed examination of works of this type, which have marked and will still mark the world of art, and it is the support of modern technologies.

By remaining in the art world, in August 2021 we saw how AI can transform 2D art into 3D.

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