This Supernova Will Finally Be Visible In 2037, According To A Mathematical Forecast

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The supernova “Requiem” was visible in the eyes of the Hubble Space Telescope in 2016, but after a few years it has disappeared mysteriously. Thanks to advanced computer processing, astronomers expect that the cosmic explosion will return to be visible in about 2037 thanks to a gravitational slow effect.

It is estimated that the supernova “Requiem” is about 10 billion light years away from Earth, and incredibly its light has managed to reach the observed instruments of our telescopes. In particular, Hubble was able to detect its brightness by exploiting one of the most spectacular effects of the universe: the gravitational lens.

One or more hypermassive galactic objects interposes between us is the supernova, but instead of obstructing our vision it even helps us to see better, curving to such a degree the space that we allow our eyes to see beyond the obstacles.

The galactic cluster that creates this spectacular effect is 4 billion light years away from Earth, and is known as MACS J0138.0-2155, already the protagonist of a spectacular photo that we showed you last July.

Researchers have discovered that the supernova, which was visible during 2016, was hidden (as shown in the comparative photo of 2019, which you find at the bottom of the news) due to a possible interposition of intergalactic material, or a decrease in the number of people who were

Astronomers particularly care about studying “Requiem,” because of its incredible distance in space and time from us. To this end, experts have equipped themselves with a computerized model that calculated the distribution of matter around the galactic cluster, calculating the possible micro changes.

According to data from the study published in Nature, the supernova will be visible (of course not to the naked eye) during 2037, and then again in 2042, but the latter may be too weak even for the current instruments.

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