Tiktok Follows Instagram: Subscriptions To Support Content Creator Are Coming

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Facebook – or rather, Meta – has accustomed us to a bad custom: see WhatsApp follow Telegram and Instagram chase TikTok. This time, however, the opposite is true, since it is the Chinese social network that adds to the subscription revolution to use the paid service. Don’t worry, it won’t be mandatory.

Just yesterday we saw how Instagram entered in-app subscriptions to support Content Creators. Well, TikTok will also adopt the same solution by starting the test phase these days to support the payment of content creators. This is the best way to support the personalities on the social network, not only with the already available private suggestions, but also with a new solution of recurring revenue.

As reported by The Information after contacting the TikTok spokesman, on the occasion of the start of the tests the operators of the platform signed ByteDance did not want to issue further statements. In other words, you will need to wait a few weeks to witness the global implementation and evolution of this new feature. Will it succeed? Will content creators really benefit from these in-app subscriptions? We’ll only know in due course.

On the other hand, returning to Instagram, developers started implementing important changes for video content, from remixes to live transmissions.

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