Tiktok Surpasses Youtube Over Average Usage Time In Two Extremely Important Markets

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For TikTok this summer was surprising: after surpassing Facebook and WhatsApp in global downloads becoming the world’s most downloaded app, the famous Chinese social network officially surpassed YouTube in the average display time

According to a recent report published by Annie’s analysts, although YouTube is still the world’s most used and dominant online streaming platform on competition, thanks to an estimated 2 billion monthly users, TikTok in the UK market In the case of the United Kingdom, this target was reached in June 2020, but in the United States the overtaking would take place in April 2021.

There is another surprising detail: the data collected by App Annie comes only from Android smartphones and does not consider Chinese users, that is the most theoretically being of the domestic market of TikTok, and iOS users It would be interesting to understand the actual global data, so as to understand the gap between TikTok and YouTube, two platforms that are increasingly similar on mobile (see the launch of Shorts on YouTube) and are constantly evolving.

Considering that there would seem to be videos with a maximum duration of 10 minutes among the new features coming in on the Chinese social network, the challenge between the two services appears to become even more on. Who will win? We’ll only know in many months.

But speaking of YouTube, in August the managers forced the closure of the Discord Groovy bot for alleged violation of the Giant Terms of Service developed by Google.

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