Tim Big Deal On Products Like New Showcased: The Price Of Lg Wing Drops

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The world of the used has always had a certain charm for a good number of people. Moreover, the possibility of having a well-functioning device at a particularly low price is certainly interesting, especially when the products are practically new. In this context, the Big Deals of TIM arrive.

The well-known telephone operator has decided to sell at advantageous prices some products that have been exhibited in the shop windows of TIM Retail and that now apparently no longer serve in stores. You can read all the details of the “Big Deal” initiative on the operator’s official portal, which specifies that “in some cases, the outer cellophane has been removed and the original packaging may not be perfectly preserved”. In any case, TIM offers 30 days to be able to rethink and return the product free of charge in a store that is part of the initiative.

Among the operator’s various proposals in the “Big Deal” area, we find an offer on the LG Wing smartphone with a “rotating” screen. The latter is sold at 599,90 euros instead of 1299.90 euros. In short, it can be said that the price has collapsed, also considering the fact that the device was announced at the end of 2020. In any case, TIM describes the device involved in the initiative as “completely new” and with a 24-month guarantee.

For the rest, it is worth saying that LG Wing has already been offered several times in various online stores, also since LG has said goodbye to the world of smartphones. However, at the time we write the smartphone is located from 690 euros on Amazon Italia through retailers (of course new in this case), so the offer launched by TIM may be interesting for someone.

In any case, the operator’s “Big Deal” also includes other products. For example, the price of the LG Velvet smartphone was down to 349 euros (previously it cost 649,90 euros).

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