Tim Cook And That 275 Billion Deal With China For Icloud And App Store

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While Apple returns to China first after years of absence and thanks above all to the arrival of the new iPhone 13, a resounding report by The Information has revealed confidential documents that suggest the presence of a shocking agreement.

In fact, within the documents mentioned in the report, there is talk of a possible “pressure” exerted by Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, against officials of the Chinese Government. According to the report, this would be information produced in 2016, the year Cook himself made several trips to the Asian country, in order to be able to make this alleged alliance with the Chinese Government to succeed in saving Apple Pay, App Store and iC

Apple’s CEO apparently signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Development and Reform Commission in order to obtain a number of exemptions. Subsequently, the Californian company would have reached a final agreement with the signing of an agreement that, according to the report of The Information, provided for an economic commitment from Apple of more than 275 billion dollars spread over five years.

At the moment there are no formal statements by the parties involved, but we will probably know much more soon. Only recently, among other things, Apple has stumbled into another grain that involves the American government. In fact, it seems that several iPhones of the US State Department have been violated, although the source of the attack has not yet been identified, specifically directed at US officials actively involved in relations with the East African regions.

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