Tim Successfully Experiments In Turin With Ftth Fibre Up To 25 Gbps

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After demonstrating the first quantum communication on optical fiber, TIM successfully tested the FTTH optical fiber in Turin with speeds up to 25 Gbps downloading. It is another important Italian record. It was obtained thanks to the collaboration with Nokia.

From the official statement we take the following to explain some technical details of this test: • During the tests mixed technologies GPON, XGS-PON and 25GS-PON were used at the same time. In particular, the transmission bandwidth capacity of the 25GS-PON system has been positively tested, as well as the coexistence on the same optical fiber with other technologies already in the field, GPON (with capacity up to 2.5Gbps in download)

In other words, these tests try to understand how to improve the current infrastructure, potentially multiplying the capacity of the FTTH GPON network by 10 times and the FTTH XGS-PON network by two and a half times. The final objective, according to Luigi Gubitosi’s company, is to provide greater speed and connection capacity, allowing companies, industrial districts and the Public Administration to meet the ever-increasing demand for connectivity to support the digitalisation of the country.

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