To Pay More Attention, You Have To Look At The Speaker: There Is The Scientific Explanation

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Everyone must have been distracted at school, not to look at the teacher as he speaks anymore and, at the first call, to realize that he does not know anything about what has been explained. The ear’s attention to explanations is not enough to store information: a study has shown that it is also necessary to look at the interlocutor.

A group of experts from UT Health San Antonio understood that there is a fundamental chemical and a cell particularly involved in paying attention and processing the information that is being learned: it is norepinephrine and astrocytes, the first locally regulated in a region of the brain called cor

Experts are already aware of how much norepinephrine is involved in paying attention; however, the involvement of astrocytes in the whole process had not been evaluated. What is their role? As the senior author of the Martin Paukert studio explains, ♪ When a person makes a move, how to turn his head to listen to a person, and this is combined with visual stimulation, it is released more norepine Our second, also important, discovery is that astrocytes can reliably detect the rate of norepinephrine release. Indeed, astrocytes would be the mechanism for responding to norepinephrine release.

In short, it is scientifically proven that watching someone speak is a really effective method , necessary to increase the attention and positively influence the interpretation and storage of information.

While remaining in the field of psychology, there is a trick to create false memories in people’s minds.

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