Tsmc Working On The 2 Nm Chip Production Chain: Mass Production In 2025

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TSMC started manufacturing 3 nm chips, which will be used on Apple devices from the end of 2022, only in early December, but seems to be intent on implementing the production process at 2nm in very fast times: according to a report, in fact, the company

In particular, TSMC is dealing with the authorities of the city of Taichung, Taiwan, for the construction of its “secondary” 2 nm chip factory on an old golf park near Zhonke Park, in the city center. According to a report relaunched by Phonearena and WCCFTech, the mayor of Taichung would like investment of $36.2 billion from the company, so as to guarantee TSMC the space needed to produce a new production chain in the city.

However, it seems that the Taichung authorities are concerned about the environmental impact of the factory, which could cause serious damage to the surrounding ecosystem, and would ask TSMC to commit to adopting solutions with little environmental impact. Furthermore, the report states that the creation of the foundry could bring thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of investment to the Taiwanese city.

According to Taiwanese media, however, TSMC would have minimized negotiations with Taichung for its own production plant, saying that the new factory will not serve for the production node at 2 nm: however, the numerous meetings of the company’s CEO, C.

However, even if negotiations with the city of Taichung are successful, the construction of a chip foundry requires years of work, so the second 2 nm chip production chain could only be started between 2024 and 2025.

At a more advanced state, work should be done on the first 2 nm chip foundry, which this time will be located in the city of Hsinchu. The peculiarity of Hsinchu and Taichung is that both cities enjoy infrastructure and services such as hospitals and state-of-the-art schools, which TSMC requires of host cities to attract Taiwanese engineers and the rest of the world to work for the

In terms of timing, the mass production of 2 nm chips will begin in 2025, while the 3 nm chips will start at the end of 2022. However, TSMC will have to pay attention to Samsung’s competition, which is relying on computer giants like Qualcomm and AMD and which in 2022 could in turn start the production of 3 nm chips.

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