Twitch Goes To The Legal Channels Against Two Users For Hate Raid

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Following the protests of September 1, 2021 by Twitch’s streamers, the company behind the well-known purple portal decided to start using the “hard punch” against the hate raids.

In particular, according to reports from WIRED and The Verge, Twitch has decided to go to the legal channels against two users of the platform, accused of representing the minds behind several raids. More specifically, a single user would create over 3000 bot accounts related to what happened recently on Twitch. Another user would have been involved in several hate raids.

For those who did not know, we remember that unfortunately the platform owned by Amazon recently was at the center of particularly unpleasant issues. In fact, some users have started targeting different Twitch channels, leaving chat messages that no one would ever want to see. Also, hate raids are apparently often carried out against “marginal” streamers, who struggle to defend themselves.

Now Twitch seems to have managed to identify two users behind all this: on September 9, 2021 the company filed a lawsuit with the US Federal Court. Among other things, the usernames of the users involved were published in the document related to the cause. I mean, Twitch started taking some kind of action against hate raids.

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