Twitch Italia, What Is The Channel Most Seen In September 2021? The Answer Is Not Surprising

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In spite of the various discussions on Twitch, the platform owned by Amazon is obviously continuing to record particularly high numbers in Italy. In this context, it is interesting to analyse statistics on the most viewed channels in our country.

The Commission considers that the Commission has not yet concluded that the aid granted to Amazon is compatible with the internal market.

Twitch Italia: the first 5 channels for watch time in September 2021

LyonWGFLive: 431.198 hours views; pizfn: 253.319 hours views; Moonryde: 220.262 hours views; POW3Rtv: 179.572 hours views; Homyatol: 163.374 hours views.

In short, the answer to what is the most viewed channel in September 2021 on Twitch Italia is quite obvious. In fact, LyonWGFLive is making significant results in different ways. Just think of the first place for the number of average spectators in Italy, as well as the landing place in the top 50 global Twitch. In short, the first place in this context was also predictable.

For the rest, it is interesting to note the incredible number: 431.198 hours seen in the first 7 days of September 2021. By the way, pizfn, the channel in second place, while recording very high numbers, is far: 253.319 hours seen.

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