Unieuro, It’s Happy Holidays Weekend Time: 25% Off On Many Products

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Unieuro responds to Mediaworld’s Red Weekend with the Happy Holidays Weekend, a new special promotion active until next January 9, 2022 that offers 25% discount on many products.

In this case, large and small appliances are interested, but also air conditioners, dehumidifiers and air purifiers with a price starting from 199 Euro. AEG, Dyson, Foppapedretti, iRobot, Liebherr and Honey are excluded from the promotion.

You can see the full list of offers at the Happy Holiday Weekend in Unieuro, where you will find discounts on all products that fall into this category, including washing machines and other household appliances.

As always, Unieuro also allows you to make payment in installments and enjoy the delivery at home, as well as the pick-up in the store. For all details, however, we refer you to the individual pages of the various products, where all the information is available.

The promotions will be active until 23:59 on January 9, 2022, and go hand in hand with the flyer Happy Holidays of Unieuro, which was launched immediately after Christmas holidays and which remains active with a series of very many offers

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