Unieuro Vero Outside, Impressive 50% Discount On A Sony Soundbar

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In a period of change for the world of Italian television, which is gradually leading us to the switch off at DVB-T2, a good number of people are buying a new television. In this context, someone might want to do all-in and also improve audio by purchasing a soundbar.

Here comes into play an offer that is part of the Real Outside Unieuro initiative, which will continue until 27 January 2022. In fact, the Sony HT-SF200 soundbar is at the center of a 50% discount: more precisely, the price of the product has halved, from 199.99 euro to 99,99 euro on the official website of Unieuro. In short, you understand that it could be a good deal for those who are looking for a single soundbar with 2.1 channels with Bluetooth (who wants to deepen the specifications can clearly find more details in the official sources).

In case you are wondering, Unieuro is not the only chain that has launched a product promotion. Just connect to the official MediaWorld portal to note that again the cost of the soundbar has dropped to 99,99 euros. The Commission notes that Amazon also has a price of EUR 99,99. In other words, as often happens, the various stores are competing.

This is for the benefit of the user, who can potentially take home a Sony soundbar at a pretty good price.

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