Update Google Chrome: New Patch Solves Dangerous Zero-Day Vulnerability

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Google Chrome has today received an important update on Windows, Mac and Linux to version number 96.0.664.110. The news is not really much for the 96 edition of the browser, released with problems for Twitter and Discord, but this specific patch is needed to solve a zero-day vulnerability from high danger.

As Bleeping Computer has taken over, Google has stated with a dedicated notice that it was aware of multiple reports of the CVE-2021-4102 Exploit. Descend specifically, it is a flaw in the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine potentially exploitable by malicious people to run arbitrary code on computers running unpatched versions of Chrome, thus escaping the security measures of the system.

The company in Mountain View explained that Chrome users will have to update their browser as soon as possible to avoid further problems due to the said security breach. Let’s remember, then, that to verify which version of the app you are using on your computer you will have to start your own Chrome, click on the three-dot menu at the top right, then on Settings > About Chrome and wait

This intervention has come in time, since the zero-day vulnerability (the sixteenth resolved in 2021) has not been discovered so long ago. Nevertheless, Google has confirmed that some devices have been the victim of attacks made just by exploiting the Exploit CVE-2021-4102; it has not, however, talked about the magnitude of such offensive.

Also during today’s day we talked about a possible change of design for Chrome with version 97.

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