Vito Officializes V1, The New Imaging Chip: ” State-Of-The-Art Optical Quality”

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“A state-of-the-art optical quality.” This is the promise of living, a newly arrived smartphone manufacturer in Italy, regarding its newly announced imaging chip, called V1.

Press release: Milan, September 6, 2021 • During a press event held in Shenzhen, China, live presented the new Imaging Chip V1, a novelty entirely born from an autonomous project of the company.

“V1 is a chip integrated circuit – completely customized and dedicated to imaging and video applications – with cutting-edge optical quality, which marks a milestone in the history of living and represents the first step in the Research and Development applied to the autonomous design of chips. In line with the design of the live imaging system, Imaging Chip V1 can best meet users’ needs by optimizing the scenarios of smartphone applications, such as the viewer appearance and video recording,” said Hu

Imaging Chip V1 is the result of a 24-month development phase and the work of 300 R&D staff and experts from the living imaging laboratory. In the near future, the live approach to innovative image processing technology (IP) at chip level will focus mainly on four strategic assets: image system, operating system, industrial design and performance. From Hu’s point of view, I live will consider the development of chips with other partners if, for example, it will be necessary to compensate for a lack of market offer or if you will need to develop fully customized chips to support the long-term strategic business paths.

“In addition to improving the aesthetics and imaging effects of live products, Imaging Chip V1 also aims to bring unique experiences to users, transmitting emotional sensations through visual expression. vito is firmly committed to investing

Already from 2019, live has begun to connect design-driven innovation and user-oriented with the evolving demands of users, a process culminated in the four long-term strategic guidelines. Since then, I have been involved in talent from all over the world to implement a dynamic development strategy.

The image system is one of the long-term strategic guidelines of living. Over the past five years, the company has invested a lot in this field, making several discoveries that have transformed the sector, such as stabilization technology Gimbal and Selfie Spotlight. In December 2020, I and ZEISS announced a long-term strategic partnership in mobile imaging innovation. Both partners share the ambition to anticipate and meet the demands of the most demanding consumers, as well as the desire to challenge the limits of mobile imaging through joint research and development at the live ZEISS Imaging Lab.

The partnership between live and ZEISS has two areas of collaboration, the first of which is R&D of product. The results of joint research and development and the combination of ZEISS technologies for mobile imaging with technology, algorithms and live production capabilities for smartphones – such as ZEISS T* Coating and Biotar Portrait Style The second area is mutual exploration of how to shape the future through mobile imaging, guiding the advancement of higher-level professional photography and video technologies.

Based on suggestions received by users, I live will implement a three-pronged strategy – focusing on product planning, technical planning and technical pre-research – to strike a balance between products and technology. The live Central Research Institute will be responsible for planning emerging technologies, which will be closely aligned with consumer demands, industry trends and scenarios of use.

The goal of living in the next 10-20 years is to create advanced products starting from the design phase to build a bridge between people and the digital world, providing users with an increasingly practical and digital experience that is in step with current and future needs.

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