Vodafone Launches Christmas Sms Campaign For Former Customers: Offer From 7 Euro Per Month

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Together with the special offer for new Under 18 customers, Vodafone has decided to move on to the attack and propose its already well-known promotion to some former customers now linked to rival mobile operators. This is Special 50 Digital Edition, raised at prices starting from 7 Euro per month. What does the monthly bundle include?

The tariff plan in question includes monthly unlimited calls to any national fixed and mobile number, unlimited SMS and 50 Giga in 4G for internet connection. Additional services such as TOBi, Digital Services for assistance and options such as Call Me and Recall are also included. The price is variable: in some cases we talk about 7 euros per month, in others the figures are higher. Similarly, the activation costs and SIM card differ for each individual client involved in the initiative.

An example text message provides MondoMobileWeb: • Back to Vodafone! Only for you 50 Giga, minutes and unlimited SMS to all at 7 euros per month. SIM cost and activation FREE! Details of additional costs in case of use at +39 0083434663 or on To activate go to our stores or online at As specified, the price may vary and also the date of termination of the promotion, indicated by the operator at the end of the message

Those who will not receive this SMS will still be able to access the Special 50 Digital Edition package, but at the price of 9.99 Euro per month and only by specific mobile operators.

Meanwhile, the British brand also thinks of the world of NFTs by launching a auction for the first SMS ever.

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