Vodafone Launches Nft Auction Of The First Sms Ever Sent: Income In Charity

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After the first Tweet as NFT, there is another…first of… in the history of digital communication to become a token crypt available at auction. This is the sale of the first text message in history, made available as NFT directly from Vodafone for an event to be held in Paris on December 21, 2021.

As announced by the same telephone operator through the English website, Vodafone will sell the first SMS ever to collect money for charity: the money he will receive for the purchase of the NFT, in fact, will go to UNHCR or United Nations Agency for the The auction will be held at the first independent French auction house, Aguttes, and the purchase will be performed only with cryptocurrency Ether.

Maximilien Aguttes, head of the auction house, said: • The first printed book, the first phone call, the first email: all these inventions have changed our lives and our communication in the world. This first SMS received in 1992 is a historical testimony of human and technological progress. He sent a message of joy, ♪ Happy Christmas ♪

The exclusive token will guarantee the ownership of a unique and detailed replica of the first SMS ever transmitted, event thanks to the mobile communication technology signed Vodafone in 1992, when employee Richard Jarvis sent a message with written

Speaking of Vodafone, until January 16 a special offer for Under 18 customers will be available with a monthly cost of 9.99 Euro per month.

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