What Can You Do With The Super Green Pass And The Green Pass? The Complete List

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Today the new Super Green Pass enters formally into force, the new Green Certification of the Italian Government that will be active also in the white zone until January 15, 2022 and has the objective to avoid restrictions to the vaccinated and healed. But what can be done?

The government, yesterday, posted on its website a PDF file accessible through this address that, in a very clear way, explains what can be done and what can not be done with the Super Green Pass and Green Pass base.

The table is divided into various sections: travel, ski resorts, work activities, access to offices and offices, students of schools and universities, health and health care facilities, bars and restaurants, accommodation facilities, sports activities, cultural activities and events

Each activity, accompanied by a description, proposes three cases depending on the area of its region (white, yellow and orange) and includes the indications below “allowed without green pass,” “allowed with green This way you can quickly understand whether with your Green Certification you can access that particular exercise or activity.

Remember that the vaccinated and cured will not have to perform any new downloads.

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