What Changes With The Super Green Pass From 10 January 2022?

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The Super Green Pass introduced by Italy will become even more important from January 10, 2022, when the new rules provided by the Government will come into force and will make the green super-certification central.

In this case, from January 10, 2022 you will need to be equipped with Super Green Pass also to access museums, institutes and places of culture and exhibitions, even in the white area. The QR Code is only generated in case of recovery or vaccination (double dose or booster) but will also be required to access swimming pools, swimming pools, gyms, sports centres for team sports and wellness centres (even within the facilities). Clearly, the Super Green Pass will also be required for the rooms used as changing rooms and showers.

Activities involving the obligatory spa, theme and entertainment parks, cultural centres, social centres, recreational centres and aesthetic centres are also included.

From February 1, 2022, the Super Green Pass will be valid for six months from the last vaccine injection. Currently the Green Certificate has a deadline of nine months.

As for the Green Pass base, from December 30, 2021 it will also serve to access RSA and hospice.

For all information on the difference between Green Pass and Super Green Pass, please refer to our in-depth review.

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