What Does “Hodling” Mean? The Story Of The First Daring Cryptocurrencies Owners

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When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there are many specific terms in the sector, some more technical and others less. Among the most joking c’ is also…………………. ♪ ♪ But where does it originate?

The story of the wrong verb is very nice and originates even in 2013. The cryptocurrencies forums were very few at the time, but they were not lacking and were still populated by a large number of users, mainly young investors. One of the richest people was Bitcointalk, where it originated

Returned in high fashion among the outlets media because of recent statements by actor Keanu Reeves, who called himself cryptocurrencies Hodler, this term arises because of a typo of a young investor On a December morning (exactly eight years ago!) the user GameKyuubi wrote a post on the forum of Bitcointalk with title • I AM HODLING •. It was a typo he recognized but, after writing it twice in a row, he decided to leave as a title.

The content of the post is quite funny, as he wrote that he was a bad trader, not a part of the smart investor group who know what they are doing. The reason behind this thought is to be found in two important details: at the time of writing the post, the value of Bitcoin was falling and its wallet marked a clear loss. Moreover, as can be seen from the conclusion, he had just had a little whisky. Between alcohol and the fall of the crypto market, therefore, he allowed himself a moment of vent.

Readers immediately took the opportunity to laugh at it, writing them too ♪HODL ♪ indicating their intention to keep the cryptocurrencies in their wallet waiting for more profits, despite the moment of crisis. A legend was born on 18 December 2013 and, even today, Hodling is the term associated by traders to the act of not selling cryptocurrencies even in the reddest moments, waiting for a lift.

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