What If All The Volcanoes On Earth Erupt Simultaneously?

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There are about 1,500 active volcanoes on our planet. Of course, only 550 of them have erupted during the “registered history,” but the number of these “monsters” of lava and magma does not matter in the context of today. What would happen, in fact, if all the volcanoes of the Earth were to erupt simultaneously?

First, know that eruptions are classified with the volcanic explosiveity index (EI – Volcanic Explosity Index). The more a volcano throws material into the air, the more the index finger increases. A VEI of 1 causes at least 10,000 cubic meters of material thrown into the air; while each subsequent number corresponds to 10 times more (by the way, do you know that active volcanoes could exist on Venus?).

The largest eruption in history was Mount Tambora in 1815, which had a VEI of 7, where 160 cubic kilometers of material were thrown into the atmosphere. The effect of this incredible explosion was certainly noted: there was a drop in temperatures in the northern hemisphere of 0.5°C for six months, because the dust blocked the Sun, and all the crops in the area went bad.

To answer the question, then, nothing good would happen if all the volcanoes on Earth exploded together. There are, in fact, 32 VEI 7 or VEI 8 volcanoes known and if they erupt together most living beings would extinguish themselves, including humanity. Among the many things, global temperatures could fall by 15°C for six months and acid rain would make agriculture impossible for decades.

It is fortunate that such an event is almost impossible. In view of the topic, here is the scary video of the eruption of the Semeru volcano in Indonesia.

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