What If We Extracted Asteroid Materials Worth Trillion Dollars?

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The asteroid Psyche is a celestial body that has an invaluable value. According to a study published last year in the Planetary Science Journal, the cosmic stone has a value of 700 quintilions of dollars (which to make you understand, is a number followed by 30 zeros). What if we extracted materials from this asteroid?

So, it’s hard to think of extracting minerals from an asteroid at present, but almost certainly the economic system of the Earth could be put in great difficulty. Materials like gold, in fact, are extremely rare on our planet – at least to be achieved – and its value is given, among many things, also by its rarity.

Even if we found a cosmic stone full of gold and other valuable resources, such as the asteroid 1986 DA worth 11 trillion dollars, bringing it back to our planet would make no sense economically. The reason is simple: having a huge influx of resources that were previously considered rare would drastically reduce the price of such resources.

Without any doubt the internal economic system of the Earth would be put to a hard test by this change. This is because a good refuge and a reserve of value like gold could disappear in a moment. It’s still early to sell all the gold you have at home right now… because the extraction of asteroids – at least for the near future – is unthinkable.

First of all, even the asteroids closest to us are farther away than the Moon, we don’t know how to extract resources from remotely (even with the most advanced robots) and, once extracted, they should return to Earth. This is currently an unworkable idea, because the costs of going back and going back and going back would consume the profits of any mission… not to mention that it would take years before returning to our planet.

In short, it is still early to worry about this aspect, although in the future (very far) we will surely get to this too.

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