What Is The Best Alternative To Ethereum? The Results Of The Vitalik Buterin Survey

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While Elon Musk proceeds in his personal crusade by officializing the payments in DOGE in the Tesla Store, Ethereum’s dad, Vitalik Buterin, has launched a survey to better understand what his community feels about the best alternatives

The post, published on Twitter, asks its users: “Survey for the Ethereum community. You wake up in 2035 and 80% of all transactions + savings in the world are in a currency that is not ETH. Which one would you rather it was?”

The options are only four, BTC, SOL, USD and ADA, and in total the more than 600 thousand votes have been reached. Curiously, the survey lacks distinguished market members including Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Polkadot, among the most growing systems of the last year. In a second 300,000-vote poll, Buterin proposed TRON, BNB, CNY and NEO options.

To emerge, with 42% of 600697 votes was Cardano (ADA), with TRON coming out of the second match thanks to a net 51.3% of 358746 votes. But the options put at your disposal by Buterin also triggered a series of protest comments, including that of the well-known youtuber Matt Wallace, who said that “The ironic thing is that Dogecoin is actually the future cryptocurrency.

On the contrary, Justin Sun, founder of TRON, who spoke in perspective, hoping that “TRON, Ethereum and BNB will coexist in 2035! I strongly believe in the multi-chain future that BTT is trying to build! We connect TRON, Ethereum and BSC!”

In favor of the community choice, we remember that Cardano boasts a proprietary technology that makes its blockchain very reliable, as well as having shown great potential in the field of smart contracts and a particular attention to eco-sustainability, as demonstrated by

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