What Is The Difference Between A Lake And A Pond? Answering Is More Difficult Than Expected

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You will be very surprised to know that there is no difference between lake and pond in scientific terms. Among the few differences, a pond has a water circulation lower than that of a lake and therefore the water becomes – precisely – more “tiny,” going to create a definitely more particular ecosystem.

In particular, the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), a database sponsored by the United States government, which aims to create a standard for the designation of geographical characteristics, defines a lake as a “natural body of inland waters.” This description may also apply to ponds.

Usually the workers distinguish the two water mirrors by talking about size: a lake covers a larger area, while ponds usually have smaller dimensions. Lemmnologists, or scientists who study the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the still waters, give a possible solution to the question.

These experts refer in an “unofficial” way to ponds as a “water body in which rooted plants grow” and shallow enough small to allow sunlight to shine on the bottom. From this point of view the lakes are too deep, both to allow the presence of rooted plants, and to observe the seabed.

Another key point is the temperature: the lakes have warm and cold temperatures stratified between the layers in the summer months (so the temperature is not uniform), while the ponds usually have constant temperatures. By the way, do you know there are even “killer lakes”? While others suddenly turn pink.

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