What Is The Difference Between Spid And Cie Electronic Identity Card?

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After explaining how to get the SPID online, we try to answer a question that many might ask: what is the difference between the SPID and the Electronic Identity Card? For many, it may seem the same, but it is not.

We start with a fundamental assumption: the Electronic Identity Card represents the official recognition document of the Italian State, and it is physical. The SPID represents the Digital Identity and is not physical but digital, and cannot be used as a recognition system in case of request by the authorities (polizia, Carabinieri, but also at airports).

In terms of access to online public administration services, SPID and CIE are almost identical and give access to the same panels. This is because since 19 October 2021 the SPID has become mandatory to access the online systems of the Public Administration, and in most cases alongside the “Enter with SPID” button there is also the one that allows you to access with CIE.

To validate access with CIE, however, you must first associate it with a device with NFC chips (such as your smartphone), through the official application that will ask for the PIN code received at the time of delivery of the Card.

Many continue to call for the SPID to be integrated into the IEC, but it has not yet been done in this direction.

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