What Is The Rarest And Most Expensive Precious Metal On Earth? No, It’s Not Gold And Platinum.

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There are rare metals on our planet. Of course, precious ones like gold, silver or platinum are very rare to find, but there are still more unique ones and that to find (and use) are much (very!) more difficult.

Rhodium, for example, is one of these. It was discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston. Wollaston discovered it in England from a platinum ore that he obtained in South America. The scientist dissolved the platinum ore in his laboratory and produced both soluble and insoluble residue. By the way, do you know how gold was created in our Universe? The answer will leave you stunned.

After she precipitated the soluble solution, she noticed that there were still reddish salts that are not typical of platinum. In 1803 and 1804 Wollaston announced the discovery of palladium and rhodium. “Rhodium is part of the platinum metal group, which is considered a noble metal,” says Shaun Peterson, supervisor of research and development of the arts of jewelry production at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Rhodium is an ultra-bright and corrosion-resistant metal that is now used in the automotive, jewellery, chemistry and electricity sectors. How much does rhodium cost? $14,000 every 28 grams (about 500 euros per gram!). To make you understand, platinum costs $959 every 28 grams, palladium at $1,866 and gold at about $1,783.

Rhodium is used mainly in catalytic converters of cars to clean exhaust emissions, but also as coating for optical fibers and mirrors, reflectors of headlights and electrical materials. Materials such as gold and platinum can be found in asteroids and there are many projects that try to extract them.

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