What Is The “Red Sky Paradox”? That’s Why We Didn’t Find The Aliens

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Our planet may not be so special because there are potentially billions of planets in our galaxy alone. However, a very important aspect is to be considered in the presence of our Sun, a yellow dwarf.

In our galaxy, in fact, the most common stars are undoubtedly red dwarfs, which make up 75% of all the stars of the Milky Way (by the way, why is it called the Milky Way itself? What is the name of this name?). And this is where the “Red Sky Paradox” comes in.

It is simply a corollary of the Paradox of Fermi which examines the possibility of the emergence of life from these little red stars. Starting from this assumption, we can list the points of a new study by astronomer David Kipping of Columbia University, which questions why we have not yet found other intelligent life forms.

There are many reasons:

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